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Fend off baddies with your ninja skills in Shadow Blade: Reload, coming soon

Who hasn’t dreamed of stealthily leaping through the air, katana in hand, as a cool-looking ninja? PC and console gamers have long been able to fulfill that dream with the likes of Joe Musashi of Shinobi, Ryu Hayabushi of Ninja Gaiden, and even Lo Wang of Shadow Warrior fame. Now, Android gamers are next in line to don the classic back garb as Kuro, the last remaining ninja of his clan, in Shadow Blade: Reload, officially coming to Android on January 15th.

Game News

Help Cluckles rescue the abducted chicks in Cluckles’ Adventure, now available from Google Play

Set in a peaceful valley that’s bathed in sunlight, Cluckles’ Adventure is game based on a single, brave chicken’s attempt to rescue the little chicks that were abducted by an evil horde. With their abduction, the eponymous Cluckes is given a sword, and sets out to retrieve said chicks, with a set number needing to be found on each level, and that number seeming to increase as players progress through the game.