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ePSXe arrives on Google Play after a long time hiatus, complete with split-screen multiplayer

Back in the days of emulating consoles on your PC, a giant slowly rose from the very bottom to give us a nice and compatible experience in the field of PSX emulation. Almost everyone who used a Playstation had innumerable hours with emulators after that small (or big and squared) piece of hardware got burnt out after so much playing. Now, a well known emulator comes back to life in the form of an Android app, meet ePSXe…again.


Playstation Emulation Released!

Not too long ago we reported on a Playstation emulator in the works by the developer ZodTTD who had teamed up with Android emulator guru Yongzh. Well if you have been waiting to get your hands on this little gem of an application, the wait is no more! Released today, the Playstation emulator, named PSX4Droid, is available for purchase on the Android market.