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Google I/O Day 2 Chan. 2 live stream is live. Coming up: Project Tango, designing for Virtual Reality and more

Google has three channels of live streams for Google I/O 2015. Each one has its own schedule for keynotes and sessions, all of which focus on different areas. All three channels went live at 9am PST and channel 2 is starting off with “Smarter user acquisition with App Indexing, AdWords and Google Analytics” and will then be followed-up with Project Tango, Designing for Virtual Reality and some other great sessions.


Zombie Gunship Reality and Google’s Project Tango come together

Project Tango is a venture that Google is undertaking by designing hardware that is able to render models of its surrounding environment. Tango’s sensors take over a quarter of a million measurements every second to update the position of the phone. It then takes all the information and fuses it into a single 3d model of its environment. Why would that matter to gamers like ourselves? I’m glad you asked! Here’s why: for example it’s able to scan a room to create a 3D rendering.


Google announces Project Tango tablet, collaborates with NVIDIA and many others

First Oculus Rift, now Google’s Project Tango. It seems that virtual reality might actually be closer to us than we all expected based on how fast the technologies geared for it are advancing. For those of you who don’t know yet, Google has been working with a multitude universities, companies, and research labs for this project. What exactly is it? Well, Google plans to develop devices capable of human-scale understanding of space and motion- that is to say: sense and depth of the real 3D world. This just opens up possibilities in every field such as map apps as well as implications on the next generation of gaming.