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Hardware News

Nvidia’s Shield Tablet and Shield Portable Black Friday sale becomes their Cyber Monday promotion as well

On Black Friday Nvidia hosted a sale on their Shield Portable and Shield Tablet products, offering up a pretty decent discount for each one. Well that sale for Black Friday has also now become their sale for Cyber Monday which means if you missed your chance to snag either device while it was on sale last week, you have another chance to do so today.

Game News

Nvidia announces Lollipop for the Nvidia Shield this month, Valve Game Bundle and more

Today Nvidia has made a trio of announcement regarding their Shield Tablet and all of it is good news for owners of these tablets. First, and we all knew this was coming anyways from previous teasing from Nvidia, Lollipop will be arriving for the Shield Tablet this month, more specifically November 18th, 2014. So basically in five days we should get the new Android OS.