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TwitchTV finally to bring game streaming to mobile, announces new SDK for developers

One thing that has been a pretty major pain in the ass is trying to live stream mobile games on services like TwitchTV. Generally you have to come up with your own solutions to get this to work and half the time it is generally too slow to run through an emulator or anything like that. Lag is another issue half the time. The advent of Android-powered micro-consoles has helped this a bit though.

Game News

Playing OnLive games that are NOT optimized for touch screen controls using DroidMote

In our previous article last week about being able to use DroidMote to play OnLive games on your Android tablet while using your Android phone as a game controller, we mentioned that we were not sure if it would work for games that are not optimized yet with touch screen controls. Well thanks to one of our readers, we now know it does and you can see it in action after the break.

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Splashtop Remote will let you play that PC MMORPG (or any other game) on your Android device

You can blame Beau Hindman from Massively for this article and most likely my possible disappearance for the next few hours. After watching his live streaming of Gameloft’s Order and Chaos, he had to go and post an article detailing a new application for mobile devices that, aside from being productive, will let you play games on your mobile device from your PC.