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Super Hexagon gets updated with various performance enhancements

Terry Cavanagh’s rather addictive yet somewhat frustrating game Super Hexagon has had an update go live for it today for the Android version. The overall theme for this update is the game’s performance, minimizing any in-game lag that could happen and the game just running faster in general. These are important aspects of the game considering the entire game is based off of your ability to get your little shape into the gap of each hexagon that comes at you.

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Super Hexagon Review – A devilishly hard game that’s not meant for the faint-hearted

Terry Cavanagh is known for coming up with brilliantly designed (not to mention devilishly challenging) games. His latest one – Super Hexagon – is a masterpiece. The game redefines the definition of “tough as nails” for Android games – be warned that this is not meant for the faint-hearted. So just what exactly is so great about this game? Read on to find out.