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Rayman Jungle Run Review – Platforming Done Right

Google Play may not short of auto-running platformers, but Rayman Jungle Run is a welcome addition. Well, a more than welcome addition in fact. Powered by the same Ubisoft engine that Rayman Origins runs on and developed by Pastagames for mobile devices (I’m hungry already), Rayman Jungle Run is the kind of game you immediately appreciate the moment you start playing.


Call of Mini – Zombies Review: The good and the bad of zombie games

You may not know this about me, but I am a huge fan of dual-stick shooters. Age of Zombies, Monster Shooter, Weapon Chicken. I have literally played them all and probably spent way too much time with them, but there’s just something about the addictive gameplay in dual-stick shooters that I can’t put down. And the fact that I can play some of the greatest dual-stick shooters (In recent years) on my phone/tablet is amazing in itself. Dual stick controls shouldn’t be a  problem on touchscreens, because of the simplistic control-scheme. But that isn’t always the case, so let’s look at what’s up for review today: Call of Mini Zombies!