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Nexon and Respawn Entertainment team up to bring a series of games based on Titanfall to mobile devices

Very interesting news today, especially if you’re a fan of the Sci-Fi themed franchise Titanfall. Nexon and Respawn Entertainment (and Particle City) have announced today that they have teamed up to develop and publish a series of games that will be based off of the Titanfall universe. One thing both companies made abundantly clear is that there will be several titles and that they will all be new and original games.


The co-founder of Call Of Duty and Titanfall opens up a new mobile game studio called Nuclear Division

There are plenty of mobile game development studios that get created every day and of all sizes, from the two-man team hoping to make it big with their indie title to sudden 100 staff member teams forming their own companies. So when there is news of a new studio floating around it is unusual, mostly in a good way, and that is the case with a new company called Nuclear Division. So what is unusual, or newsworthy, about this company? The fact that it is being created by the co-founder of the Call Of Duty franchise and Titanfall.