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Kill Me Again – Infectors pre-registration now live for its upcoming global launch

Pre-registration for a mobile game is certainly becoming the norm it seems as more developers offer up rewards to users who pre-register from their upcoming game. NHN PixelCube recently started a soft launch for their upcoming mobile game called Kill Me Again – Infectors and apparently the soft launch has gone rather well. Now TOAST, who is in charge of publishing the game, has opened up pre-registration for the upcoming global launch of Kill Me Again – infectors.


You can now pre-register for the “World’s first racing/dating sim” game for mobile

For those of you who enjoy street racing as well as dating sim games, there is some good news for you today as TOAST has opened up pre-registration for what they are dubbing as the “World’s first Racing/Dating Sim” game. While we are not exactly sure if this is a world first for all platforms, we certainly can’t think of any racing/dating sim hybrid games off the top of our heads for mobile at least. This is what is called Drift Girls.


TOAST offers closed beta sign-up for Guardian Stones

Mobile Dev and publisher TOAST had announced that Mobile offering people the opportunity to sign up to participate in the closed beta for Guardian Stone. The game itself is an adventure RPG where players assume a role as one of the classic dungeon-crawling heroes (Warrior, Ranger, or Sorceress) who is accompanied by warrior spirits called Guardians, all in search of the mysterious Guardian Stones.