Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.7.0 update confirmed to be arriving shortly

We have been following the progress of the Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.7.0 update since its inception, from the additional features that will be arriving with it to the full multiplayer experience that will be arriving with Minecraft Pocket Realms and even the delays. Now we finally have some good news for everyone, the update is on the way!

Mojang tries hard to release the Minecraft: Pocket Edition updates simultaneously onto both Android and iOS and over the past couple of days the developers working on Minecraft: Pocket Edition have been working on one final bug that was holding them back. That bug is now apparently squashed and as of a few moments ago (at the time of writing this) the iOS 0.7.0 update has been submitted to Apple for approval.

This means that the update is finally going to be arriving along with all of the features everyone has been patiently waiting to sink their teeth into. This also means that we will be putting up the official DroidGamers Minecraft: Pocket Edition servers the moment the update arrives. If you haven’t applied to get onto the whitelist for our servers, since accessing any Minecraft Pocket Realm server requires you to be whitelisted by the owner of the server, hit up our forums and submit your request asap.

So to summarize everything, the 0.7.0 update has been submitted to Apple for approval (usually takes 1-2 weeks but could be quicker). That means the Android version will be arriving pretty much as soon as Apple approves the iOS 0.7.0 update. Of course Mojang could be nice and release the Android update but either way, 0.7.0 will soon be a real thing.

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