Pixowl’s The Sandbox turns one, celebrates with a sale

For those of you out there in Android gaming land who play Pixowl’s The Sandbox game, you’ll be happy to know that Pixowl has begun hosting a sale to celebrate their game turning one year old. The sale has begun today and a lot of the IAPs in-game have been discounted.

The following IAPs have been reduced in price for a limited to time celebrate The Sandbox’s birthday:

– Dinosaurs Campaign – $2.99 => $0.99
– Music Campaign – $1.99 => $0.99
– Humans Campaign – $1.99 => $0.99
– Lasers & Pipes Campaign – $1.99 => $0.99
– All Campaigns Pack – $6.99 => $3.99
– Big Mana Pack – $4.99 => $2.99
– Huge Mana Pack – $9.99 => $5.99
– Giant Mana Pack – $15.99 => $9.99
– Colossal Mana Pack – $24.99 => $15.99

Aside from the sale, Pixowl is also holding a contest where players can win a variety of prizes such as T-shirts and stickers. However, the five most creative levels that players make will also be added to the game in the next official update. If you’re interested in trying your hand at this contest, you can get all the details over on the contest’s official page. If you haven’t checked out The Sandbox yet, downloading it will cost you nothing.

Google Play Link: The Sandbox

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