Day: 2 July 2013


Exploration and Survival in Space is happening ‘Out There’

As Android users eagerly await the release of the hit space game Star Command by Warballoon Games, the game designers at Mi-Clos Studios are diligently working on their new space exploration and survival game ‘Out There’. In ‘Out There’ you play an exiled astronaut who has woken up from cryonics and finds himself stranded ‘Out There’ in unknown space. The main goal of the game is to build a ship and survive long enough to get back to Earth.


Vincent Belorgey upcoming brawler-style game Kavinsky is looking pretty good

Vincent Belorgey who happens to be knows as the french house artist and Outrun album producer Kavinsky, will be releasing a game onto multiple mobile platforms in the near future. The game itself will also be called Kavinsky and is apparently the first game to be based off of an actual music album. However this isn’t some Rock Bands type of game and is, instead, an old school style brawler with some rather interesting features.


Amazon extends their GameCircle service to all Android devices, not just their own

It was not too long ago that Amazon went after the whole centralized game hub idea for things like leaderboards and achievements. Similar to the newly released Google Play Games service in some ways, Amazon’s GameCircle doesn’t have all the features that Google’s service provides and until now the GameCircle service was completely limited to Amazon devices only and games purchased through Amazon’s AppStore.


Nuclear Outrun will be making the apocalypse an enjoy experience on July 11th

A nuclear apocalypse is serious business usually, half the time resulting in the end of the world while the other half of the time it results in zombies or mutated monsters overrunning the planet. At least that is what the usual scenario is when it comes to nuclear apocalypses and video games. Nuclear Outrun by Nerdook Productions and Nightspade (a.k.a The Gamenauts) follows this mindset but adds a healthy dose of humor to the mix to liven things up a bit.