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Nvidia’s GRID service will hit 40 titles the same day as their GDC 2015 press event happens. Saints Row IV, Alan Wake, and Metro Last Light Redux coming to GRID this month.

More evidence is coming to light that whatever Nvidia is planning to announce at GDC 2015 has something to do with their gaming on demand service GRID. Today Nvidia has announced that there will be a total of 40 titles available on GRID soon. In fact the next three titles which will push the GRID catalog to 40 are some rather big games.

Nvidia has been releasing a game a week for their GRID service which originally started back on November 18th, 2014 where it launched with 20 games. Since then the catalog for available GRID games has slowly been increasing and right now we are sitting at 37 titles.The next three weeks will see a new game each week as per usual but the exact day that the big 40 mark is hit is the same day as Nvidia’s GDC press event, that day being March 3rd. Coincidence? Doubtful.

A lot of people are expecting something VR related to be announced during the event, and that still could very well happen. But as we get closer to the press event it appears that the focus is starting to look more and more like a GRID-based announcement which means that set-top box idea we were talking about yesterday could very well be a reality. Or at least some sort of hardware dedicated to providing GRID to more people or releasing the service to non-Shield branded Android devices.

Whatever the case may be, this upcoming Nvidia announcement is starting to look a lot more interesting. As for the games heading our way over the next three weeks to push GRID up to 40 titles, you can expect to see Saints Row IV, Alan Wake, and Metro Last Light Redux appearing on GRID. Today Saints Row IV will be showing up on GRID, followed by Alan Wake on February 24th, and Metro Last Light Redux will arrive on March 3rd.

We will be going into more details about all three games in upcoming reviews over the next week.

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