Author: John Shieldsmith

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Heroes of Atlan Review: The Game of Thumbs

I mash my thumb into my phone’s screen for the umpteenth time, watching as the numbers next to my sword climb ever higher. I switch to my next hero, mashing my thumb once again into the glass, as the numbers next to my sorcerer’s boots jump up another 200. I jab my battle-worn thumb into the screen a few more times and find myself at the airship screen. My eyes glaze over with sheer joy as I watch the numbers next to my airship climb higher thanks to some hard earned upgrade components. Those too required many presses of my thumb. I pray my thumb will see my heroes to the level cap without breaking. This is the game for those with fortuitous thumbs. This is the game for those with little free time. This is Heroes of Atlan.

Game News

Developer Thinice returns to the Playstore with new platformer called Twin Robots

Thinice, developer of the previous Android title Save Sea Turtles!, returns to the Playstore with his new platformer, Twin Robots. Twin Robots was originally released for Ouya in December 2013 and was then offered as a launch title for the Amazon Fire this past April. Thinice has now launched a full-blown release, making it available on Windows, Mac, Linux and of course – Android.

Game Reviews

Wind Runner Review: Endless Runner, Endless Entertainment

Endless running games, much like the genre itself, seem to continue being made with no end in sight. While there has been a definite upsurge in the genre over the last couple of years, with titles such as Temple Run and Subway Surfers blazing the trail, many of the games come across as mere clones. Often utilizing similar mechanics and an aggressive cash shop, the genre seemed as if the only place it was running – was the ground. Enter Wind Runner, a side scrolling endless runner with a pretty face, made by WeMade Entertainment.