5 Android gaming stories you should have read this week

It’s Halloween on Tuesday. What with all the preparations – whether fortifying your house against unwelcome trick-or-treaters or creating a costume that will reduce your friends and neighbours to quivering puddles of terror – you may not have had time to follow the Android gaming news.

Never fear – Droid Gamers has you covered with this round-up of the five biggest stories of the week.

Strewth! Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available in Australia

The biggest mobile gaming story of the week by miles is the double-whammy of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp being both announced by Nintendo and released on the Australian Google Play store.

It’s not hard to set up an Australian Google Play account, particularly for someone as intelligent as you, so we can only assume you’ve been merrily running your campsite, helping your animal guests, and crafting furniture since Thursday.

Realist adventure game Night in the Woods is coming to mobile

night in the woods

Night in the Woods is the sort of game you can show your friends to prove that video games aren’t just childish toys. It deals with adult themes in a playful and creative way.

In the tradition of show’s like Bojack Horseman, Night in the Woods is all about human relationships, but populated by animals. Why? Who cares. It’s great, and it’s coming soon.

Kingdom Rush Origins and Frontiers are 89p on Google Play

To celebrate Halloween, even though neither of the games in question is remotely scary, Ironhide has put Kingdom Rush Origins and Kingdom Rush Frontiers on sale.

For just 89p each you can enjoy countless hours of the finest tower defence gameplay the Google Play store has to offer.

Death Road to Canada is FINALLY out on Android

Death Road to Canada has been around for a while, but Android gamers have been left out in the cold while their PC and iOS-playing counterparts laughed and gestured through the window from the warmth of their Death Road to Canada shelter.

But now, finally, Android gamers can enter the Death Road to Canada shelter and enjoy RocketCat and Madgarden’s classic retro survival romp across the zombie-ravaged continent of North America.

Team 17’s post-apocalyptic survival sim Sheltered lands on Google Play

Speaking of post-apocalyptic worlds, Team 17’s Sheltered also arrived on the Google Play store this week.

Set in and around a nuclear bunker, Sheltered is an even bleaker experience than This War of Mine, its clear inspiration. It sees you venturing out into the wasteland and making morally fraught life or death decisions concerning the fates of family members and innocent strangers. But in a fun way.

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