5 top Android announcements from E3 2017

E3 2017

E3 is absolutely an event for console and PC gamers, and this year was no different. Sure, we’ve seen small efforts from developers to showcase a mobile game on stage. Bethesda is a prime example, both announcing and launching Fallout Shelter on mobile simultaneously back in 2015.

But the problem is core gamers – they just don’t take kindly to it. So developers have eased off mobile coverage, despite it being the largest and fastest growing division of video games.

Okay, I’ll quit ranting now. On a positive note, E3 2017 did throw up a few exciting mobile announcements, so we’ve decided to round up your weekend with the top 5.

South Park: Phone Destroyer was announced at E3

Ubisoft surprised us all with the announcement of South Park: Phone Destroyer, a mobile exclusive RPG coming soon. It’s effectively a turn-based battler in which Cartman and the gang dress up as cowboys and face off against other costumed kids.

There’s a bit of Clash Royale in there too though. You build a deck of cards, and use them to attack. Using a card uses energy, and you only have 10 total so you have to strike the right balance.

South Park: Phone Destroyer will launch on Android this year.

We found out when Durango will launch

Durango is a pretty exciting concept for mobile. It’s a social MMORPG that borrows heavily from Monster Hunter and Don’t Starve. You have to survive in a primal world by building shelters and fighting dinosaurs, and working as a team is key.

You can focus on one particular area as well. If you fancy just fighting dinosaurs, crafting, or building, all of those avenues are open to you. If it’s as good as it sounds, Durango might just be the next big thing in mobile.

We’ll find out when it launches on Android in winter 2017.

The Skyrim universe is coming to Elder Scrolls: Legends

Bethesda is usually good to us at E3, and this year was no different. We found out that the Skyrim universe is coming to Elder Scrolls: Legends via the Heroes of Skyrim expansion pack.

As the name suggests, the expansion will feature popular characters from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This includes the dragons Paarthurnax and Alduin alongside Aela the Huntress, J’Zargo, and Delphine.

The expansion also introduces shouts, which can be used multiple times increasing their power. There’s also companions that transform into beast mode when a run is broken, triggering their abilities and increasing their power, as well as new Skyrim themes.

Mark June 29th on your calendars, as that’s when Heroes of Skyrim will launch on Android.

Sony announced PlayLink, a Switch-style platform for Android

PlayLink is Sony’s answer to the Nintendo Switch. It’s a mobile application that allows you to play games together via a PS4. These aren’t just any old game though, they’re specifically designed for multiplayer through PlayLink.

We don’t know an awful lot about it right now, but we do know that your mobile acts as a controller and you use a combination of the PS4, TV, and your phone to play the games.

The first PlayLink game, That’s You! will launch on July 5th, with Hidden AgendaKnowledge is Power, and Frantics following before the end of the year.

Bonus round: Monument Valley 2 is a thing, and is coming to Android

Okay, so this isn’t strictly E3, but Monument Valley 2 was announced, and released, during Apple’s keynote at WWDC 2017. It runs at a similar time to E3 so we think it counts.

We reached out to ustwo for comment, and the developer did confirm that Monument Valley 2 is coming to Android, but couldn’t specify an exact date. We’ll keep you posted.

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