Archos announces a new line of of Android tablets starting with the 97 Carbon

Archos is a company that is most recently known for producing an affordable line of Android 4.0 tablets. It will continue this trend with the introduction of new line of tablets that will carry a branding Archos is calling “Elements.” The first tablet from the Elements line is called the Archos 97 carbon.

The Archos 97 carbon will be available this month for $249. It will have 16GB of expandable storage, two cameras, a 9.5-inch IPS display, 1GHz process, 1GB of RAM a HDMI port, USB port and full access to Google’s suite of apps. The downside is this tablet will ship with Android 4.0 which is no longer latest version of the OS. Archos is planning on releasing other Elements tablets with 7 and 8-inch screens in the future.

No doubt this tablet is priced to compete with the 16GB Nexus 7. However it lacks the Tegra 3 processor, direct support from Google and the build quality probably isn’t as great as the Nexus 7. Those hangups aside, perhaps the 7 and 8-inch tablets will be more enticing.

Source: Archos

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