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Netflix Brings Black Classic Gacha Dungeon Boss Without Microtransactions

Dungeon Boss: Respawned characters.

It’s not often you see a premium gacha entirely without microtransactions, but Netflix has only gone and done it. This time with the classic Dungeon Boss, which is going with the subtitle ‘Respawned’.

The original Dungeon Boss launched in September 2015, and sent you on an RPG adventure, collecting heroes that you can assemble into a squad. You then battle through a variety of levels, collecting equipment that you can use to increase their power.

What Does the Gameplay Involve?

There are a wide variety of modes to battle through too, including a story, daily quests, the Tower of Pwnage, PVP battles, and guild challenges. By participating in these different modes, you unlock new skins and weapons that give your characters a different appearance.

What made Dungeon Boss unique, though, was its visuals. It clearly draws inspiration from classic RPGs, with its chiptune soundtrack, chibi-style characters, and its 3D-yet-pixelated art-style. If you love older games, you’ll love this one.

Is There Anything Different in Dungeon Boss: Respawned?

Dungeon Boss: Respawned brings all of that back but without the bad bits, which include an energy system and microtransactions. Now, you can enjoy the game at your leisure, for as long as you want, and without feeling like you need to pay extortionate amounts of cash to progress.

It’s still a gacha RPG though, so if you’re not a fan of the genre, this won’t convince you. But, if you do like those types of games, this offers everything you enjoy but without the pressure to spend.

Where Can I Get It?

Head on over to Google Play to grab Dungeon Boss: Respawned. Or, if that doesn’t quite do it for you, check out our best new Android games this week list. Or, if you fancy a new gacha RPG, Idoly Pride just launched.

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