Game developers pulling their titles from Google+ Games

Recently it was uncovered that the mobile application for Google+ had a games feature in it. While not even remotely close to being finished or functioning, the fact that it was there points to Google making their Google+ Games available for mobile devices. In a twist though, a couple of game developers have pulled their titles from Google+ Games.

While we don’t know exactly the reason as to why they were pulled, Popcap Games has removed multiple games from Google+ Games including Bejeweled. Another company, called Wooga, has removed three of their titles as well. It seems a bit premature to be pulling games for Google+ Games if it is due to a lack of players when that very service could be going mobile soon, making it much more accessible.

Whatever the case may be, it will be interesting to see if other companies follow and if this has any effect on Google+ Games going mobile.

Website Referenced: Wall Street Journal via DroidNewsNet

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