[Gamescom 2015] Hands-on with Torchlight Mobile with some big changes to the game. No Stamina system?

As you may already know, we are at Gamescom 2015 this week and are running around like little mad men trying to check out everything. Actually there’s just one of us there, Michel, and we may never see him again after this… poor guy. In all seriousness though, he’s been running around grabbing everything he can while there, fondling multiple games, and reporting back to us. One of those games was the recently announced Torchlight Mobile from Perfect World.

Originally announced back during E3 2015, Perfect World will be publishing a new mobile version of the Diablo-style game Torchlight. This won’t be a port of the currently existing Torchlight games but a new addition to the franchise itself. For those of you not familiar with this franchise, essentially players (either solo or in a group) run through dungeons killing monsters and collecting loot while leveling up their characters. That’s the quick and dirty explanation anyways. Players will be able to pick from one of the available classes, each with their own unique skills, and gear up, collect loot, use pets, and so on.

However, one of the big, BIG (did we mention big?), issues that everyone had with this game was that it included a Stamina system. Essentially this meant you could only play for so long until your stamina ran out. In a game like this, it didn’t make much sense as people will want to play it as much as possible. Well apparently the developers heard everyone and have completely dropped the stamina system. You can all now celebrate.

Regarding the IAPs, according to the Perfect World representative we talked to, all of the IAPs in this game will be for things that you can also get in the game through normal play. So the IAPs are more for accelerating gameplay then offering anything exclusive or pay-to-win, which is good, because that would ruin this type of game. Torchlight Mobile feels quite polished already and looks ready to go, even with the recent changes with the Stamina system being dropped.

So now that the Stamina system is gone, there’s probably a lot of you wondering when you can play this game. Well the pre-registration page is still up from the E3 2015 announcement, should you want to take advantage of that. Right now Perfect World is telling us that Torchlight Mobile will be landing on Android sometime in Q1 2016, so still a bit of a wait. The iOS version will be releasing before the Android one though, and they will be using the feedback there to make sure the Android release is completely polished. There should be a beta starting soon. When it does, we will post an update.

We have plenty more Gamescom 2015 coverage coming up over the next couple of days.

Official Website: Torchlight Mobile

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