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[TGS2016] Perfect World shows off a mobile version of their original MMORPG called Perfect World International

Perfect World, the company that is, has been around for a fair amount of time, having focused mainly on PC-based MMORPGs and other types of PC games. One of their older titles happens to basically be named after the company called Perfect World, but when it was released to the rest of the world, the name changed to Perfect World International. After 8 years or so of being on PC, Perfect World International now has a mobile version in the works which was shown off at the Tokyo Game Show 2016.

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[Gamescom 2015] Hands-on with Torchlight Mobile with some big changes to the game. No Stamina system?

As you may already know, we are at Gamescom 2015 this week and are running around like little mad men trying to check out everything. Actually there’s just one of us there, Michel, and we may never see him again after this… poor guy. In all seriousness though, he’s been running around grabbing everything he can while there, fondling multiple games, and reporting back to us. One of those games was the recently announced Torchlight Mobile from Perfect World.

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Perfect World announces their new 3D MMORPG called Dawn of the Immortals, pre-registration now live

PC MMO game publisher Perfect World recently broke into the mobile gaming industry with the release of Elemental Kingdom onto Android. Now Perfect World has announced their newest game slated for release onto Google Play soon called Dawn of the Immortals and while Elemental Kingdom was a TCG style of MMO game, this new one is a full-fledged 3D MMORPG.

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Perfect World Entertainment launches their first mobile game called Elemental Kingdoms

Perfect World Entertainment has been a mainstay in the free-to-play MMO scene on PC for some time now but the company announced yesterday that they are planning to jump into the console scene too which is rather cool. However, what they didn’t mention is that that would be jumping into mobile gaming as well and have released their first games onto Android called Elemental Kingdoms.