[GDC 2012] InnoGames to bring all their MMO titles over to Android including Tribal Wars

InnoGames have been around for quite awhile having developed and published a lot of browser-based MMORTS games with their flagship title being Tribal Wars. We got a chance to sit down with Dennis Heinert, Head of Public Relations at InnoGames during GDC 2012 where we learned that InnoGames is planning on bringing all of their in-house developed MMO titles to Android.

InnoGames first title was an MMORTS game called Tribal Wars and has for a long time been their flagship title. Recently another one of their games similar to Tribal Wars has picked up a lot of steam and looks to surpass Tribal Wars in terms of players. This game is Grepolis. Whether you play Tribal Wars, Grepolis or one of InnoGames other titles, the good news is that soon you will be able to play all of them while on the go and away from your PC. You will be kept up-to-date about what is going on as well through push notifications such as if you are being attacked.

Lagoonia screenshots

Currently the plan is to get the games mobile optimized so players can just jump over to the game via their browser on their smartphone and keep track of their troops, attacks and defending, building their city and so on. However InnoGames isn’t stopping there either as they plan on releasing native apps for all of their in-house developed games that will be completely graphical, just like the browser versions are. Both the mobile optimized and native app versions will come with all the features of the actual browser games so you won’t be limited as to what you can do.

Their newest title, still in development, will also be coming to Android which is Forge of Empires. This game is a blend between Civilization when it comes to progressing through different eras such as the renaissance period and will technology trees to learn and improve your society’s tech and overall well-being. It takes Civilization and blends it with the combat from their previous titles like Tribal Wars which, even though you have to develop your kingdoms in, is very limited in scope compared to Civilization where the game is very deep with the city building and research aspects.

Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires will feature PvP gameplay obviously so you will be battling it out with other players at any given time. If you are not a PvP kind of player though, there is extensive PvE and social content for you to enjoy as well. Forging alliances and trading with other players is key either way whether you like pillaging people or not. There will be a single-player mode for those of you who just don’t want to deal with possibly getting raided or dealing with other players.

Combat in Forge of Empires will take place on a hexagon laden playing field and unlike their previous games such as Tribal Wars, you will be able to take part interactively in the battles if you choose to, controlling each unit in your army with where they go and who they attack.

Overall, InnoGames will be bringing a total of five MMO games to Android (Tribal Wars, The West, Lagoonia, Forge of Empires and Grepolis), most of which are MMORTS games with the exception of Lagoonia which is more of a survival island type of game. Currently Tribal Wars and Grepolis are the first titles that will be coming to Android within a month or two with the rest of their catalog following afterwards. All games will be connected to your PC accounts so everything will be synced right up for you to enjoy.

Images are from the PC version but aside from a few UI tweaks, this is what it will also look like on the native Android applications

Developer Website: InnoGames

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