Sony Android Playstation phone, Xperia Play, torn apart and laid out for all to see

So the device that doesn’t exist, according to Sony Ericsson reps during CES 2011 we talked to, has gotten dismantled and laid naked in front of us for all to see. You would think by now they would just admit the damn thing exists outright and at least send us one! Ahh wishful thinking isn’t it? Anyways, TGBus decided to dismantle the Playstation Android phone.

Neatly laid out after being torn apart, we can see what is inside which shows the Qualcomm MSM7x30 chip and Broadcom radios. Performance still needs a boost as we have seen with all the gameplay videos, there is no reason that a device like this should take longer to load a game then a general high-end Android phone.

Either way it is interesting to see inside this non-existing device which is slated to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress next month if the rumors are true. Of course we could all be hallucinating and losing are minds since this device doesn’t exist.

Website Referenced: Phandroid

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