Sony Ericsson opens up the game developers showcase.

Sony Ericsson has opened up a new feature on their site for showcasing games for the Xperia Play. Essentially a game developers showcase, if you make a game that is Xperia Play optimized (doesn’t have to be exclusive to the Xperia Play though) and tell them about it, they will showcase your game.

This is great for indie developers who want to get that extra bit of exposure for their game. Obviously the process with be selective and not everyone will get showcased but if you do, you are looking at some pretty sweet benefits:

  • Your game will become a part of Sony Ericsson’s marketing campaign
  • Your game will be visible in the game recommendation app on Sony Ericsson phones
  • Your game will get pushed in global press activities which spans 140 markets
  • Your game will get promoted in Sony Ericsson social media activities like Twitter and Facebook


That is a pretty hefty chunk of exposure even for some big development studios but for indie developers that are making games with Xperia Play control optimization, this is even bigger. There are a few regulations though before jumping right in to submitting your game:

  • It must be an Android game for download
  • It must use the unique gaming controls the Xperia Play comes with in some fashion.
  • The game should have broad potential appeal
  • You must own the full rights to your game
  • You’ll also have to agree to terms and conditions located on the site.


If you fit the bill, you will be accepted. To submit, just head over to the showcase website linked below and fill out the form. Should only take you 5 minutes or so to fill it out completely.Good luck and if you get in, let us know!

Website: Sony Ericsson Game Developer Showcase

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