Square Enix announces Final Fantasy III will be coming to OUYA

Right now it seems that every other day the Android running home gaming console OUYA continues to gain strength in its cause and today is no different. Square Enix has announced that it will be releasing Final Fantasy III onto the system and becomes the first major game publisher to announce a game release for OUYA.

This could be, and will most likely be, the beginning of more companies coming out to stake a claim in supporting OUYA. Some people may think that it is only the retro game Final Fantasy III, but that title was pretty much the turning point for the series where it gained major popularity back in the day. Worried this will be the only game Square Enix drops on OUYA? Don’t be. Square Enix has also pledged to continue to support the console after Final Fantasy III’s release with more games.

Now that we have the first major publisher for OUYA, it will be interesting to see who else comes out in support of the new console in the coming weeks. At the rate OUYA news is coming out these days though, it looks like we will have to expand the site and make a dedicated OUYA section.

Website Referenced: Destructoid

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