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Here is a huge list of confirmed games heading to OUYA

As we have seen in the recent past whether it is from all the submissions in OUYA’s CREATE competition or just from news from developers making games, OUYA has a lot of developers interested in the Android-powered console. We now have a really big list of confirmed games heading to OUYA which includes some rather big titles like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy III, Adhesive Games’ Hawken and Double Fine’s The Cave and Reds.

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Final Fantasy III Review: A classic RPG that still remains a classic

With the upcoming (eventual) release of Final Fantasy IV for Android, I decided it’d be a good time to write up a review for Final Fantasy III. Final Fantasy III has been one of my all-time favorites in the series since the original NES release was translated in the emulation community. It set the ground for the class change system from Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and every other game in the series since that gave you the ability to change your character’s class.

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Square Enix may not bring Final Fantasy III to US and European Android gamers. Proof is in the Chaos Rings.

While the post could be defined as more of an editorial, possibly a rant on my part, news is that Square Enix doesn’t really consider US and European Android gamers as any sort of priority when it comes to their games and releasing them on Android. This comes in light of more popular titles found on the Square Enix Market for Japanese Android users.