Square Enix showing off their upcoming Android game line-up at Gamecom

The beginning of Gamescom is nearing and with that some companies are already releasing what they will be showing off at Europe’s premier gaming event. Square Enix has released their full line-up of games that will be out for demoing at Gamescom including their upcoming mobile line-up which we previously talked about, including Final Fantasy Dimensions.

While Final Fantasy Dimensions will be the premier title displayed for Android at Gamescom, Square Enix does have another five games aside from the new Final Fantasy game:

Qwirkle is described as a matching game that requires tactical maneuvers and well-planned strategy, it is sort of a Bejeweled game on heavy drugs since you will be matching tiles not only based on color but shape as well.

Motley Blocks is another matching puzzle game for Android. In this particular game though you will be dragging your finger across your screen to connect blocks of a similar color as they rotate in a cyclonic pattern. Basically another match-3 game on heavy drugs.

Final Fantasy Dimensions

KooZac which we talked about back in January of this year, was created by Ben Cusack. This game is a blend of Tetris and Sudoku in a single title. It is a very popular and challenging game.

SolaRola is a revamping of the classic puzzle platformer which is already available on Android. Unfortunately for Square Enix, this popular game has done pretty miserably on Google Play as it appears not to be working. Perhaps the version they will have at Gamescom will actually work.

Lastly, Square Enix will have their brain training game out for testing called Mensa Academy. This game will come packed with 100+ replayable levels of fun and stimulating mini-games and challenges for everyone, plus for those really looking to test their grey matter, there is a rigorous test designed to calculate your Mensa score.

Of course all the puzzle games in the world really don’t matter as the title a lot of people are looking forward to is Final Fantasy Dimensions, especially after the past two Final Fantasy games that have just been released recently. Unfortunately missing from that list is Demons’ Score and Guardian Cross, both of which look fairly promising.

Developer Website: Square Enix

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