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Sheep Slinger!

Have you ever wanted to just grab some sheep, put them in a big slingshot and shoot them into the air to try and hit animals such as flying pigs? Neither have I until now that is. Sheep Slinger, developed by Kymah LLC, lets you fling willing sheep into the air in your attempt to hit as many flying animals as you can until you move onto the next stage.

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Google Aquires Jambool

Well Google seems to be on a spending spree as it is being reported that they have just dropped $55million on in-game currency company Jambool. The company Jambool is responsible for their flagship product Social Gold which is an in-game currency for developers of social games to use. This comes after last weeks purchase of Slide and things are starting to look interesting.

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AGC1 – Results of Round 1 – Next!

Well it was a fast and crazy Round 1 of ladder play in the first Android Gaming Challenge. It was not without it’s bumps though but we got through it and it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out! There were some really close matches, some within only a few hundred points which is not a whole lot especially with the caliber of gamers in this ladder.

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AGC1 – Round 1 Ladder

After a long qualifier round of gaming with gamers fighting to get into the Top 40 the list has been set and the ladder has been made. All players were randomly paired by phone type as close as possible to even up the playing field. So here is what you have all been waiting for…the ladder build and also the announcement of the 1st round game!

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Tom Clany’s HAWX Review

Toms Clancy’s games have been plentiful through out the years and here is another addition that you can take with you, Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. You’ll find all your standard Clancy fiction in this game, and there is plenty of it to go around. So read up on this review and go grab the game to show off your new phone and a pretty decent flight sim to boot.

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Saint Feint City

If you used to enjoy the original Sim City and perhaps still do then there is a bit of good news for you. Saint Feint City, which used to go by the name of RetroVillage until a recent update, lets you go back to those old school days of building a city and hoping it flourishes. Layout and graphics are very reminiscent of the original Sim City game.

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CPS2 Emulator Pulled Off Market

While on the subject of emulators and things of that nature we are sad to report that the Capcom Play System 2 emulator, CPS2 for short, recently launched onto the Android market has been pulled off and suspended. Why has it been pulled from the Android market? Copyright infringement apparently has been claimed by Capcom over the emulator.

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AGC1 Top40 Qualifiers!

Well it’s been a long road to this point with the first ever Android Gaming Challenge and the competition has been fierce! Some of the scores were off the charts with the top score being a ridiculous 64 million+ points! Now the fun really begins as the ladder gets set up and the process of elimination begins! It won’t be much longer now for a Champion to rise up!