Hardware News

Sony Android Playstation phone, Xperia Play, torn apart and laid out for all to see

So the device that doesn’t exist, according to Sony Ericsson reps during CES 2011 we talked to, has gotten dismantled and laid naked in front of us for all to see. You would think by now they would just admit the damn thing exists outright and at least send us one! Ahh wishful thinking isn’t it? Anyways, TGBus decided to dismantle the Playstation Android phone.

Game News

Sneak Peek at the Shift Beta by Armor Games

Yesterday we posted that a Shift closed beta was announced by Handmark who will be more than likely publishing this game onto the Android Market for Armor Games. Within 25 minutes the beta was full and if you weren’t fast enough, you were left with a sad face. Well we found another reason why it was full so fast.