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Hardware News

The Next Great Gaming Phone – The G2?

If you follow Android news at all, then you are probably already aware of this, but T-Mobile has officially unveiled the G2. The successor to the G1, the G2 offers a huge improvement in just about every area over it’s older brother. With the Droid 2 and the Samsung Epic 4G both sporting keyboards as well, the question is if the G2 be able to compete with them in terms of gaming.

Game News

New Update About The PSP Go-like Android Phone

It is funny how these things work out sometimes. Ask a lot of questions and you end up receiving the answers eventually. Yesterday we posted about the response from Sony Ericsson about the PSP Go-like Android phone rumored to be in developed. We did think that for someone who didn’t know what we were talking about that their answer was too clean. Well it was!

Game News

PSP GO-like Android Phone Update

Almost a week ago reports circulated around starting with Engadget then us and everyone else about a possible phone being developed by Sony Ericsson resembling the PSP GO and supposedly running Android 3.0 upon release. Obviously to everyone who comes here this is like a wet dream to us. More information was needed so the digging started.

Game News

Sony PSP Go-like Phone with 3.0?

Yes the title makes you go “what?!” but Engadget is reporting that Sony Ericsson is working on an Android 3.0 gaming device which, according to the Engadget mock-up, looks a lot like a PSP with phone capabilities. With a slider featuring gaming controls in the phone, this looks to be exactly what the gaming sector of Android needs and looks like every mobile gamers dream.

Game News

nVIDIA Coming To Android

When it comes to desktop computers and gaming, there really is only two brands of graphic cards you consider buy which are ATI cards or nVIDIA cards. nVIDIA has dabbled in the mobile sector on and off for awhile now and announced today that they will be building GPUs for the next generation of Android phones which us gamers should rejoice about!