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Amazon looks to take out Black Friday with Amazon Prime Day next week

Amazon has announced the first official Amazon Prime Day, which will be next week on July 15th, 2015. The company is literally trying to take out Black Friday in terms of just the sheer amount of savings that will be available on that day. In other words it will literally be like Christmas in July… as the saying goes. This means that if you’re in the market for a new Shield brand device, a new Android phone or tablet, this would be the day to to it if they go on sale, which is more than likely to happen.

Hardware News

Snail Games’ gaming-centric Android phone The W3D is now available for pre-orders

Originally announced back during CES 2015, Snail Games unveiled two gaming focused Android devices during that show, the OBox Android game console and the W3D Android gaming phone. We went hands-on with both of those and found that both were quite good for gaming. Today it appears the wait is finally over as Snail Games has announced that pre-orders are now available for the W3D.

Hardware News

Yezz announces that they will be developing modules for Project Ara

You may not have heard of a company called Yezz and that’s probably because they are kind of a small company lurking in the shadows of the mobile industry, at least here in the United States. They are a bit more well-known over in Europe. The company deals with producing phones and tablets for Android, Windows, and Firefox. Since they are already in the hardware business, Yezz has announced that they will start developing and producing modules for Google’s Project Ara.

Game News

[CES2015] Glasses-free 3D Android gaming is getting another attempt with The W 3D

For the past few years there has always been at least one attempt by some company to bring glasses-free 3D gaming to Android. When the concept originally came to light a few years ago, a few companies threw their hands into it with Android devices but almost all of them left everyone wanting and the glasses-free 3D part of it was lackluster at best. This year we have a new attempt to bring glasses-free 3D gaming to Android with a device called The W 3D.

Hardware News

[Updated: Availability Details] [CES2015] LG announces the new LG G Flex 2 Android phone

LG held their morning CES 2015 press conference and admits plenty of TV and monitor announcements and home appliances, the company waited till the very end to announce what everyone pretty much knew was already coming – the LG G Flex 2. The announcement came in the style of the company wanting you to make love with the device with your face, or at least that is how it sounded during the announcement.

Hardware News

The Amazon Fire Phone Is Finally Unveiled

Amazon is entering the smartphone business with the Amazon Fire Phone. Running on their custom  3.5.0 Fire OS which is Android but  heavily altered, the Fire Phone has a set of new features to set itself apart from other phones on the market. With a 4.7 HD display, the Fire Phone’s processor is a 2.2GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU, with Adreno 330 GPU and 2GB of RAM. In layman’s terms, it is very powerful.

Hardware News

[Updated] Amazon puts the LG G2 phone on sale for $199 off-contract for a limited time

We don’t usually post about Android devices going on sale mainly because there are plenty of other sites out there that cover this sort of thing. However once in awhile there is a sale so good we just have to post about it and that happens to be the case today with LG’s G2 Android phone on Amazon going for $199 for a limited time. Did we mention this is the Verizon and AT&T’s off-contract price?