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Kill the Maliao is ironically a rip-off of mario parody game Kill the Plumber

Kill the Plumber is a Mario-style platformer where players actually play as the enemies instead of the Italian plumber. However, one thing you can see in Kill the Plumber is the heavy influence it has taken from Mario games in regards to level design, enemies, pretty much every aspect. Another game called Kill the Maliao is basically a rip-off of Kill the Plumber, which could technically be considered a rip-off of Mario games.

Game News

Android Game Sale Round-Up: 2K Games sale, Chainsaw Warrior, Templar Assault and more

Well it is about that time again for another round-up of Android games currently on sale at the end of another week. This week’s list actually has some pretty good games on it, with 2K Games putting a few of their game on sale like XCOM: Enemy Withing, which we reported on earlier this week. It turns out 2K Games wanted to do more than just one game, which is fine with us!