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A Hopeful Come Back on the Horizon for Atari

The venerable video gaming staple, Atari has seemingly been around since the beginning for some of us. Yet to newer generations of current gaming youth, the company is seldom mentioned. The once giant stalwart of the gaming industry is talked of in the current gaming era as if it were some long forgotten, buried city or a mythical island lost to the sea.


Atari announces their upcoming mobile games line-up, includes Dungeons & Dragons: Warbands

Atari today announced their upcoming line-up of mobile games for a variety of platforms, and by variety we mean iOS and Android. Out of the five titles announced, two of them will indeed be heading our way soon. Roller Coaster Tycoon and Dungeons & Dragons: Warbands are both slated for release onto Android but don’t get excited just yet as both of these games won’t make it onto our platform until next year.