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Electronic Arts launches their own eSports league called the Competitive Gaming Division

eSports has been growing since its inception, and will continue to grow for some time to come as well. In fact the mobile eSports leagues are just starting to really materialize and will most likely grow to be as big as PC/console eSports leagues. Today eSport just got a little bigger with the announcement of EA’s own eSports initiative called their Competitive Gaming Division.

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Violating Consumer Trust: How Apple, Electronic Arts, 2K Games and Capcom are Undermining Digital Distribution

The lack of consumer ownership of digital content has long been a precarious condition that gamers have had to accept if they wished to purchase and play their favorite software titles. Be it an unfavorable end-user license agreement (EULA) or digital rights management (DRM), corporate entities have endeavored to convey that consumers do not own digital content, but rather license the content for an indeterminate period of time, during which the rights holder can terminate said license with impunity. Don’t believe me? Here is a snippet of Rockstar Games’ lengthy EULA.

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EA/Chillingo puts a baker’s dozen games on sale for a dime each

After recalling a list of their games earlier this week, EA is now listing some of their current games at the low price of a dime. They’ve marked down the cost on about a dozen of them, with most of them falling under the Chillingo name. There are some noteworthy games on this list as well, including Monopoly, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and the formerly-to-be-removed Dead Space.