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[Updated] Black Friday deals to check out at Amazon, Frys, Best Buy, eBay and more

Black Friday is well under way now and depending on what you’re looking for, there’s probably a deal for it to be found. Amazon has been holding their Black Friday sales all week, making for a sort of Black Fri-week sale instead. Of course the bulk of their best deals are today. This will be a constantly updating list of some of the best Black Friday deals going on at different retailers.

Game News

Burn Zombie Burn Preview: Night of the Laughing Dead

Twin stick shooters – shoot-’em-ups that use one stick for directional movement and another for directional weapon firing – have been around for a lot longer than you might imagine. The current popularity of the genre was ignited by the release of Geometry Wars over a decade ago, first as a mini game hidden in Project Gotham Racing on Xbox and later as a standalone game in its own right. However, you need to go back 40 years to find the first ever example. It was an arcade game called Gunfight, featuring two cowboys intent on each other’s destruction. It was pretty basic stuff so you have to jump forward to 1984 and another coin-op cabinet called Robotron which, with a lone fighter up against hordes of encroaching robots, set the template for the games that were to come.

Hardware News

Nvidia is giving away free Shield Android TV consoles every day until it is officially available to loyal fans

For those of you who have been a loyal fan of Nvidia for awhile, especially since the announcement back during GDC 2015 about the Nvidia Shield Android TV console, there is some extremely awesome news today which you might have already seen in your email’s inbox. Nvidia has sent out an email to everyone who signed up for their Shield console newsletter to keep up-to-date with Shield console news. In this email Nvidia is saying thank you for being a loyal fan by starting a big giveaway.

Hardware News

[CES2015] Hands-on with Razer’s Forge TV, Sevral Controller and Turret Lapboard

Today Razer announced their solution to bringing PC and Android games to the big screen with their Forge TV set top box. The company is describing this as a game and entertainment console since it isn’t just made for straight gameplay but also to use services like Netflix, YouTube, and other more entertainment based applications. Along with the unveiling of Forge TV, Razer also unveiled their new Bluetooth controller called Serval and the Turret Lapboard and mouse combo.