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Hardware News

OUYA to be sold by retailers this Summer, new controller design appears

A couple of interesting tidbits of news regarding the upcoming Android-powered game console OUYA have come out this morning. It seems like things just keep getting better and better for this little console, first with plenty of content from developers both big and small being made for it, and now some major retail power has been signed on to sell units both online and at physical storefronts.

Hardware News

OnLive to be available on OUYA when it launches, actual controller also shown off

More news regarding OUYA and future content that will be available when this Android-based home gaming console launches next year. It seems more and more companies are coming out to throw their weight behind the unit by supporting it with content for when it launches. The newest company to come out is OnLive and on top of that we get a look at the actual OUYA game controller.

Game News

Editorial: OUYA – The first step into the next generation.

So, all the news and commotion about the OUYA and it’s supposedly magical, revolutionary controller got me thinking about what actually using the OUYA would be like. In the promotional video, the footage shows Yves Behar and the design team working on the controller for OUYA. From what was shown, it seems like there is a ton of hard work, large amounts of care and smart design going into the feel and ergonomics of the controller.