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Seasun releases a new video for their upcoming MOBA called Relic of Gods

Apparently today is the day of videos and trailer releases as we’ve already posted about two of them and now here comes a third video. This time it is an E3 2015 recap video from Seasun regarding their upcoming mobile MOBA game called Relic of Gods. This video showcases some of the comments people has about the game, but more importantly shows some of the gameplay that will be arriving with the game’s launch.

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[Update: Released] New video released shows off gameplay in upcoming Augmented Reality game Clandestine: Anomaly

A little under a week ago we reported on a pretty cool looking Augmented Reality game called Clandestine: Anomaly. While we had a trailer to show, that video really didn’t have any gameplay to take a look at. Well the developers have released a new video which is pretty much only gameplay, so now everyone can see what that actually looks like.

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Spacetime Studios releases a new video series for the game mechanics in Call of Champions MOBA

Spacetime Studios has started their Alpha testing phase for their upcoming MOBA for mobile devices titled Call of Champions. If you have missed our previous coverage of this game, Call of Champions is a new MOBA heading our way soon that is geared completely towards mobile gameplay and eventually eSports as well. In fact three of the people in the current Alpha testing phase are former pro League of Legends players Spacetime brought on board to consult in the development of this game.

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Upcoming MMORPG Forsaken World Mobile gets its first gameplay trailer

Earlier this month we reported on the PC-based MMORPG Forsaken World have a mobile version currently under development and slated for release soon onto Android. Well while we all wait for the game’s release, or at least some sort of beta to get into so we can go hands-on with this game, Fedeen Games has released their first gameplay trailer for Forsaken World Mobile for everyone to check out.

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[GDC 2015] Sick Bricks combines LEGO-style blocks with mobile gaming for some unique fun

Companion toys are not really new anymore when it comes to mobile gaming. Nintendo has their Amiibo toys, Skylanders have theirs, and even Rovio has toys that you place near your Android device of choice in order to unlock a character in the game for you to use. Spin Masters have taken this idea and expanded on it by making the toys your scan into the game have their own stats, abilities, and so on but allowing them to be customizable by swapping out parts and adding new ones.

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New videos and art released for Goblins vs Gnomes Hearthstone Expansion

If you’ve been following the news here lately regarding Hearthstone and Blizzcon 2014 then you probably know already about the new expansion on the way called Goblins vs Gnomes which will be arriving soon. In time with this expansion, the Android version of Hearthstone for tablets will also finally be released. Blizzard has released a couple of videos and some art to show off this new expansion.

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New updates for three Angry Birds game now available. Angry Birds Star Wars II gets a new gameplay trailer.

Over the past few days Rovio has been busy pumping out the updates for almost all of their Angry Birds games. The company has released an update for Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars which brings new levels to all three games. Not bad considering Rovio is currently working on the rather large sequel to Angry Birds Stars Wars right now.