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New space exploration game in beta called Out There now up for pre-orders via Humble Bundle, but you can win a copy here

A new space exploration and survival game called Out There is heading to Android soon and is actually up for pre-order through Humble Bundle. This game is currently in the late stages of beta testing and pre-ordering a copy will grant you immediate access to the beta ahead of everyone else. However, you could also win a copy of Out There and get into the beta without paying a penny.

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Now you can look good in Crytek’s upcoming The Collectables game with your own DroidGamers in-game shirt

If you have been following the site for any decent amount of time then you know we not only like to giveaway stuff as much as possible but we try to do some unique in-game giveaways as well. Whether it be a code for an exclusive weapon or something else, you can always expect to find something like that going on here. Today is no exception to that rule as we’ve teamed up with Crytek to offer a rather unique in-game item for their upcoming The Collectables game.

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[Updated] Giveaway: Enter to win one of the multiple 100,000 eeGon coin packages for TurtleStrike

As many of you know eeGon just released their multiplayer turn-based strategy game called TurtleStrike onto Android. You probably also know that right now eeGon is holding their first of many tournaments for cash prizes, with this first one having a total of $5,000 USD up for grabs. Well we have decided to team up with eeGon to give away a bunch of eeGon coin packages to a bunch of lucky readers.

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[Updated] Win early access to Spacetime Games’ new title Battle Dragons

Last week we reported on Spacetime Games (formerly Spacetime Studios) and the soft launch of their newest game called Battle Dragons. This particular game is a MMO strategy type of game featuring armies made out of dragons. Like most games of this nature, Battle Dragons also features the city building element as well, where you will need to keep building up your city in order to properly defend it as well as having stronger army units.

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Pocket Galaxy MMO begins its closed beta phase, enter to win one of 500 beta keys

A new MMO Action-RPG game is heading our way soon called Pocket Galaxy. developed by MMOJoe and published by Spectacle Games, Pocket Galaxy is a full cross-platform MMO Action-RPG where players can choose to play as one of two available factions: The Varians or The Shards. Once you pick which faction you want to play as you will begin your journey of dominance in the futuristic MMO themed game where you’ll be flying your ship, fighting enemies and harvesting resources.