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[Update: Winners Picked] [US Residents Only] Enter for a chance to win a Portal-themed T-shirt from Shirts.com

Nvidia is getting ready to launch their new Shield Android TV console, which will allow us Android gamers to not only play Android games but PC and console games as well, depending on the system/service you use with it. Between that and Zen Studios getting ready to launch a new Portal pinball table that they worked on in conjunction with Valve, there is a lot of non-Android specific gaming heading our way soon. Since a lot of people are fans of Portal, we figured giving away some Portal-themed T-Shirts would be a fun thing to do.

Hardware News

Nvidia is giving away free Shield Android TV consoles every day until it is officially available to loyal fans

For those of you who have been a loyal fan of Nvidia for awhile, especially since the announcement back during GDC 2015 about the Nvidia Shield Android TV console, there is some extremely awesome news today which you might have already seen in your email’s inbox. Nvidia has sent out an email to everyone who signed up for their Shield console newsletter to keep up-to-date with Shield console news. In this email Nvidia is saying thank you for being a loyal fan by starting a big giveaway.

Hardware News

[Updated] Enter for a chance to win an Nvidia Shield Tablet package

During our announcement the other day about our upcoming Charity stream we also mentioned that we have a couple of Nvidia Shield Tablet packages to giveaway. One of these will be given away during our Charity live stream on TwitchTV which will be happening in the next few days. The other one we are giving away right here on the site and here is how you can enter in order to have a chance to win this package.

Hardware News

Enter to win a Mad Catz Mojo Android game console or a F.R.E.Q.m headset

We haven’t ran a giveaway in quite some time, mostly due to being too busy expanding everything here at DroidGamers. With that said, it is about time to start getting back into giving away goodies to all our readers, especially with E3 2014 right around the corner, and to start things off right we are teaming up with Mad Catz to give away one Mojo game console to a lucky winner and another winner will get a F.R.E.Q.m headset.