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A company in China tried to copy Pokemon Go. The Results? Pretty scary actually.

Whenever a game gets released, be it on Android, iOS, or PC, are it gets extremely popular, there’s always going to be knock-offs, clones, and re-skinned versions of that game showing up not too far after its release. Most of the times developers who come out with these clones do a fairly good job of them, even though they are pretty much rip-offs usually. Sometimes they aren’t though and can actually be pretty decent games themselves.

Game News

Pokemon GO – One game with so many stories already

Pokemon GO is an interesting game, not because the game itself is actually interesting, but because of the stories this game has already created in the very short time it has been out. Some of these stories are serious and real, others try to be serious and real, while others are complete jokes meant to make people laugh. Whatever the case may be, there’s already a ton of them out there to read and here are some of the more interesting, albeit stranger, stories surrounding Pokemon GO.

Game News

Build the largest and craziest castle for the king in Mad King Ludwig’s Castles, now available for download

Released by Jeremiah Maher, Castles of Mad King Ludwig is the digital port of a physical board game that has just been released onto the Android platform. For the uninitiated, the source board game is a quirky and somewhat humorous contest based around the idea of building. The goal of the game is to build up a castle that is worth the most points at the end.