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The Big Indie Pitch is coming and will be at GDC 2015. Pitch your game, get judged, and possibly win prizes!

Steel Media regularly holds indie Pitch events throughout the year. These are events where developers can pitch a game they are currently developing, to a panel of judges. If you are in the top three then you win various prizes that are meant to help you out with your game’s launch. However, a few times a year there are also Big Indie Pitch events and these are much bigger versions of the regular indie pitches. This means the prizes are also bigger.

Game News

Under The Radar #6: Bobbing, Die For Metal, Syder Arcade HD and more

Well, our Under The Radar column was meant to be something we did once every week or so, but in just the past few days I’ve come across some really good titles from first-time indie developers. So that leads us to our second Under The Radar for the week. More than half of the games on this list can be classified under the “brutal” category, so if you’re looking for challenging games then be sure to give them a go.