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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is also now available for Nvidia Shield devices using GeForce Now

A few days ago we reported on Square Enix and Nvidia basically teaming up to bring a few of Square Enix’s other games over to Shield devices. In that announcement four games were mentioned, although more titles were hinted, all of which were labeled as coming soon. Well one of those games, the critically-acclaimed action puzzle game Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, is now available for Shield devices via GeForce Now.


Square Enix and Nvidia are teaming up for a number of releases in the near future on GeForce Now

In other Nvidia GeForce Now news, Tomb Raider isn’t the only Square Enix title being released on Nvidia’s game streaming service, as both companies have announced additional titles heading our way. While only four titles were specifically mentioned, those four titles were pretty big names and Square Enix is stated that there will be even more than those four.


Help Lara Croft find the Dagger of Xian, in Tomb Raider II, now on Google Play

Square Enix drops another classic today with the release of Tomb Raider II. Starring Lara Croft, players will be seeking out the famous Dagger of Xian, which is believed to posses the power of the dragon. Unfortunately for Laura, she’s not the only person seeking the dagger. She’ll be facing crazed cult members, warrior monks, as well as going up against a variety of hazards such as yeti.