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Enter to win a Mad Catz Mojo Android game console or a F.R.E.Q.m headset

We haven’t ran a giveaway in quite some time, mostly due to being too busy expanding everything here at DroidGamers. With that said, it is about time to start getting back into giving away goodies to all our readers, especially with E3 2014 right around the corner, and to start things off right we are teaming up with Mad Catz to give away one Mojo game console to a lucky winner and another winner will get a F.R.E.Q.m headset.


Mad Catz MOJO Android game console review – Is it everything you could want in a micro-console?

We were one of the first sites to receive a Mad Catz Android-powered MOJO game console and since we received it we have been working on a review for this console, tossing everything at it that we could. We wanted to do an extensive review of this console, mainly because this one held the most promise of bringing the micro-console industry in Android to a new level. So how did the MOJO console fare against our rigorous review methods? Read on to find out traveler.