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Namco to bring Pac-Man Kart Rally to Android

Let’s for a second fast forward into the future. You own a sweet Android tablet (or phone) and have been enjoying gaming on it for awhile. While playing a lot of puzzle, shooters, platformers or whatever your cup of tea is, you want a change and feel like playing a racing game but nothing too serious. Enter Pac-Man Kart Rally from Namco…

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Pac-Man 30th Anniversary

Coming right on the heels of the Google I/O conference ending is the 30th Anniversary of Pac-man and to celebrate it Google, in their usual fashion, changed the graphic on their search page to show the game with the word Google built into the stage. If you haven’t heard or seen this yet, go check it out since you can actually play the game as well.

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Full Namco Force

Namco recently mentioned that they like the Android platform and are confident in the future commercial success of it. To reinforce this they are willing to throw brands names and resources at Android and could possibly be the first major developer to fully embrace Android as a gaming platform.