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Void & Meddler is an upcoming cyberpunk point-and-click adventure game from the Out There developers

Mi-clos studio has teamed up with french indie developer NO CVT and Black Muffin to develop a new episodic point-and-click adventure game called Void & Meddler. Taking place in the future, Void & Meddler is a dark cyberpunk themed game which follows the story of Fyn who has spend the last two years just wandering about with no goals and no real memories.

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The 7th Guest: 20th Anniversary Edition, now available as an Android exclusive

A remastered version of a rather famous game called The 7th Guest has arrived onto Android today in a special 20th Anniversary Edition. This release is also an Android exclusive, which is nice to have for a change. Originally released by Trilobyte Games in 1993, it won a number of awards between 1993 and 1994, ending up as the #1 rated game for 1994. Now that the game has turned twenty, it has been completely remastered and released onto Google Play today.

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[UPDATED: Puzzle Game Only] Amazon Free App of the Day: Award Winning Puzzle/Adventure Game: The Inner World

One of the many pros of having an Android device is having choices. There are many things you can choose to change on your Android device that you cannot on iOS devices. That is to say, if you don’t jailbreak your device or root it. To that end, Android not only has the Google Play Store, but also the Amazon App Store, for you to download apps/games. Amazon has a free app of the day, and today’s free app is one you should download, if you enjoy puzzle/adventure games. The Inner World is available to download for free for the next twenty-four hours.

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Gemini Rue Review: Excellence in just about every way

Wadget Eye Games specializes in point-and-click mystery games that are designed with a retro look that’s heavily pixelated, great (albeit short) story telling, and live voice acting. I’ve played a few of their games, like the Blackwell legacy and The Shivah, so I was familiar with their style of gameplay. Happily, I found Gemini Rue to be the best one of theirs yet, that I’ve played.