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Robot Invader announces Wind-Up Knight 2 while talking about checkpoints

Robot Invader, the developers of the original Wind-Up Knight game, have inadvertently announced that they are working on a sequel in a new blog post over on their website while talking about a new checkpoint system.  Actually the entire post is about the checkpoint system that will be in this sequel but since there has been no word about Wind-Up Knight 2 being in the works, this has ended up being their announcement.


Rise of the Blobs Review – An innovative but flawed take on a marriage between Tetris and match-3 puzzlers

Wind Up Knight was one of my favorite games released on Android in 2011. Hence, it came as no surprise that I was very much looking forward to what would come out next from the minds behind Robot Invader. Well, that “next” is here in the form of Rise of the Blobs. This is basically a cross between Tetris and a match-3 puzzler, a far cry from the demanding precision platformer that Wind Up Knight was. In any case, is it good? Read on to find out.