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Camex Games releases a big update for their Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures game

Camex Games has released a pretty big update for their Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures game on Google Play. This particular game is tactical multiplayer collectible RPG where players set up a group of heroes that they will command, before heading out to complete quests, receive rewards, or beat other players in PvP. Players also have TCG mechanics to learn as your characters have support card, such as spells and field relics that they can use.

Game News

The Trese Brothers’ Cyber Knights RPG Elite is on sale for $0.99 for a limited time

Released by the Trese Brothers, also know for games such as Deadly Dungeons, Space Traders RPG, Heroes of Steel, and Templar Assault RPG, and their cyber punk themed RPG known as Cyber Knights Elite RPG. This game is set about two centuries into the future, and has players assuming the role of an eponymous Cyber Knight, a mercenary that’s gets hired out by one of the mega-corporations to participate in their proxy wars.