Watch all of the live streams from Google I/O 2013

Google I/O 2013 is about to begin and Google is planning to stream a fair amount of this conference live on the internet. Well for everyone who didn’t get to go to this year’s conference, you can at least watch a good amount of it live. So we’ve decided to embed Google’s new live streaming widget right here so you can watch the live streams from Google I/O 2013 while also following all the Android gaming news you usually read right here.

Their new widget will show all the streaming that Google plans to do as well as integrates our own Google+ stream. So while you’re watching what is happening on the stream, you can also keep an eye on our news as well without having to go anywhere at all. So sit back and enjoy Google I/O 2013 as well as your regular Android gaming news as well. You can check out Google’s live stream schedule here.

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