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Google finally cracks down on scummy ads in mobile games

Google Play Android

The plague of ad overabundance in mobile games is finally set to end. After years of advertising mayhem, Google is cracking down on some of the more egregious happenings in mobile games. 

Google versus Mobile Game Ads

Via MobileGamer, a new update on Google’s Policy Centre reveals that new steps are being taken to fight overuse of ads in mobile games. While not perfect, this is a good start to cleaning up the mobile gaming space. 

Google explained that these changes will “ensure high-quality experiences for users when they are using Google Play apps.” But what exactly do they changes do? Google explained: 

  • “Full-screen interstitial ads of all formats that show unexpectedly, typically when the user has chosen to do something else”
  • “Ads that appear during gameplay at the beginning of a level or during the beginning of a content segment”
  • “Full-screen video interstitial ads that appear before an app’s loading screen”
  • “Full-screen interstitial ads of all formats that are not closeable after 15 seconds”

These new policies will start as of September 30th, 2022. However, there’s no knowing just how effective Google will be at actually enforcing the rules. 

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How well will these be enforced? 

The hardest part of any update in policy to the Google Play Store is that of actually enforcing the rules. While the Big G is one of the biggest tech giants in the world, it still has trouble making sure its rules are followed. 

With so many games uploaded to the Play Store every day, some will absolutely slip through the cracks. However, if you notice games that do not follow the new rules, a simple report should at least put them on the company’s radar. 

Are you excited to see a slightly less ad-filled Play Store? We know we are!

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