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Ouya will be getting some blue hedgehog love thanks to Sega coming on board

Ouya looks to be getting some love from the famous blue hedgehog thanks to Sega announcing plans to bring a few Sonic The Hedgehog titles over to the Android-powered console soon. Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, Episode 2 and Sonic CD will all be making their way to Ouya shortly.

All three games will be priced higher than their current Android brethren as you’ll be asked to pay $6.99. Since Ouya runs on the free-to-play model, the first levels of Episode 1 and Sonic CD will be free while Episode 2 will offer up the first two levels for free. After that you’ll need to buy the games in order to continue playing them.

As for when all three games will be made available for Ouya, no word on that just yet but it should be available by the time Ouya launched for retail consumption on June 25th.

Website Referenced: Game Industry International

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